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The Bub By Mr. Bumble - Poem by frank mestre

The Bud by Mr. Bumble

This bud shines. She stands so tall
Mysticle, slender a cut above all
I'de fly around her everyday
I would stare but not stray

Amongst so many this Bud is mine
It’s just simply a small question of time
Buzz buzz every day, it’s Bud in my mind
Some day when ripe off will go that rind

No words needed. We love each other
Bud and I in the wind we both shudder
For sure this Bud will open one day
It will flower and I will be there come what may

As day is day and night is night
That day will come have no fright
Her petals will open. Ummm I wonder
What will her nectar taste like I ponder

Her petals will open to expose her flower
My tongue will probe to her inner chamber
Honey will need not be made, I know
For I am sure it will simply flow

Ho! My worldly God. I have her here
That day’s arrived, have I died? I can’t hear
This is surreal, I can’t focus, I can’t feel
It’s here, The Bud’s no more It’s for real

I stare in amazement, bewildered, I’m mesmerized
My mouth cracks a smile, I’ve arrived
My Bud’s de-robed in full nudity
No artist could capture such pure beauty

She dances in the wind with desire
Body arching, aching, swaying. She’s on fire
Her petals are perfect, peachy, rose and pink
At last exposed, urging, pleading me to drink

This moment I’ve so craved
I need no longer be behaved
Gently I probe the beautiful stigma
With it’s perfect pouting lips. This is acacia

Oh my word please let me to die.
Whilst I'm still on this High

Frank Mestre 2010

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, December 3, 2011

Poem Edited: Saturday, December 3, 2011

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