The Cathedral Of Saint Sava Poem by Harish k. Thakur

The Cathedral Of Saint Sava

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Near the broad square
Of the city
Is raised a huge heritage temple
Of Serbo-Byzentine type,
The church of Serbian orthodox faith
In the memory of Saint Sava
On the Vrač ar plateau
Whose ashes hue the air
Into steel color,
Eclipsed at the top
By the Turkish ego.

The huge arched roof
Is a symposium of faith
Under which echo
The parting wishes
Of the disdained.

In the white marble chapel
Of the cathedral
Serbs pull the bells,
Croatians light the candles,
And a Gypsy girl
Holds her baby’s hand tight
Begging for alms.

Poverty knows no religion,
Once it spreads
It overwhelms all the ups
Of the morals.

And in the streets of morality
Strip naked
The brothels of hunger.

Jesus and Mary
Bless well
Under the huge of dome of the church
Telling the people
To be humans.

Raj Nandy 06 August 2009

Harish ji, a moving poem, perhaps tinged by you personal experience, - having visited those regions! I love such poems with a backdropp of History! 10 + - Raj Nandy

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Anjali Sinha 08 October 2008

wow nice against the streets of morality and the brothels of hunger Lord Jesus and Mary telling the people to be humans. Harish --u have that unique style that no one can touch I like that bitter sweet way you write- the excellent command u have over the usuage of the english language. I salute you --you were my first 'constructive criticiser' and you were that challenge for me. A+ and 10++ regards anjali

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