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*** Your Beautiful Eyes *** In Top 500 Poems

I remember
vividly those serene eyes,
shining bright,
emotion in them

*** Make Me Or Break Me *** -In Top 500

Yes, miles away
your voice distinct,
far away
a cry is heard.

All I See Is You --In Top 500

I want to be your fragrant musk,
I want to be that soft breeze that gently touches your soul,
I want to be that fire, which enflames your heart,
I want to bathe in the ocean of your passions,

*** I Will Touch You- ***

I will touch you as
breeze touches the tender leaves
or water touches a shoal of fish

** Recession Of Love ***--In Top 500

The flood of recession
has shaken the foundation
of house of hope,
built on land of optimism

Comments 08 February 2020

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Lweuj Wepti 21 June 2019

Looking ahead to read your next masterpiece. Do permit me recognise when you have posted it! > > > > > > > >

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yulisa 03 April 2019

i love your poems alot sincerly yulisa

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Paul Detling 29 November 2018

Hi, I don't know if you'll see this, but I wanted to let you know, I created a visualization/animation of your haiku Plants of Love. If you'd like to see it, you can find it here: https: // Keep up the great work.

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Sadiqullah Khan 13 March 2017

Where are you, any new poetry?

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Holiday blessings to you my dear Anjali. All the best to you now and forever!

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Hope you are doing well and that you would soon return to wear your crown again.

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Looking forward to read your next masterpiece. Do let me know when you have posted it!

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Will thy pen be foever silent or will raindrops of water the poetic landscape with uniqueness and excellence again?

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Will thy pen be foever silent or will raindrops of water the poetic landscape with uniqueness and excellence again?

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Will thy pen be foever silent or will raindrops of water the poetic landscape with uniqueness and excellence again?

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Dr. Ratan Bhattacharjee 17 January 2010

U write so fine, any common reader can become majnu anyway.

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Dr. Ratan Bhattacharjee 17 January 2010

Laila could not write poems. But my laila can....

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Dr. Ratan Bhattacharjee 17 January 2010

I wanna sweep u away like a leaf in a storm I wanna blow u away like a spark in the crater of a volcano I wanna carry u away like a boat in a wavy ocean I wanna be with u being blown out like a splinter in a bomb...

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anurag duggal 31 October 2009

what can i say about you The sweet melody of my fav song The violins the pianos play When you are with me Silence bitter silence in your absence Meaningless are all words sans you Every time as I shut my eyelids u ARE

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anurag duggal 28 October 2009

O Lord Almighty Bless my friend let she have happiness and sunshine every day take all her pains away and give her your choicest Gifts Lord she is your loyal daughter and loves you even more than I do May she never cry never a single tear run down her cheeks and though I am restricted by my limited resources and mortality Take care of her when I am no more around She is my Angel O my Father Amighty A heart of pure gold Give her a life fit for an Empress with or without me And let her experience the same love and kindness which she doles out everyday to all fellow beings... Bless Her Bless Her O MY Lord Almighty

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Pawan G 20 August 2009

Hi anju, i know u getting sweeter from being sweet.. as I had known u b4.. great thinking.. loving heart....and a kid like mind.. what else to say.. only a great feel in mind that anju is a real jewal.. my all good wishes.. dear.. frm..: breeeezeee

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Siddharth Singh 18 July 2009

A poet with enormous ability. Already having a repertoire of work in her gallery at a young age, speaks volumes of her work. She writes with shimmering intensity and great depth, in a subtle mix of the orthodox with the contemporary. She posesses an impeccable knack of writing poems. The fact that she ranks very high in the list of top 500 poets and all these comments that have been showered here on her work are a proof of her unparallaled skills as far as writing poems is concerned. She is a great ambassador for the platform called poem hunter. Easily one of the most revered poets on the site. I came to know her recently, when she commented and appreciated the very first work that i had submitted on this site.In a very short time we have become good friends. She comes across as a very generous, lovable and a very vivacious girl having the heart of a child. She is extremely sensitive and speaking with her is always a delight. Currenty she is weaving together dreams of her future with the love of her life and i wish all of them come true for her. My best wishes to my favourite poet, ANJALI.

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Anirban Dasgupta 12 July 2009

HI, what to write after so many comments...these speak of the great work....choice of words and style is very fav lines are ' Thus, thrown in ocean of glamour, With a golden manacle-hand-cuff of fame, he drowned and died like a lame, ...' Keep going Anjlai.....

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