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The Celestial Orsal

I. I once had a dream I was walking within, only to see to be.
In a land far away which lies in a seam, the mother earth's dreaming twin,
Where the waters are sweet and the children never sleep. Skies roaring, clouds moaning from the weight of a thousand trembling feet
To hold the vessel, The Celestial Orsal, sons and daughters of mortals.
Locks of flaming red hair, feet, vessel and clouds into the basin, the river's mouth. The cradle of life, the giver of life, a giant Traeolaetieus Design.
Voices of laughter, glistening eyes, smiles from the children of time,
All stepping into the blossoms of white, petals so soft, so large, so alive. Ten children it held, one hundred blossoms set sail into the river's might.
Into another realm of life, the mother earth's weeping but silent eye.
Voices of anger, the swords of the mangler carved their maker, evil's charter. There one stood, his flaming sword was leaking fresh blood, he was yelling,
Stop, children of a crown, do not enter, I am the Pendant, the black mentor,

Do not cross the forbidden center or one will pay tender, all will render. In silence they moved, all blossoms, all feet, yet they wore no shoes.
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