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The Common Crowd - Poem by Keith Sly Simpson

And for once
I want to move around maybe in shadows
With an identity so unknown
Place the burden from the back of my head in my hands
And move around with an identity so not esteemed.
Place all the wishes on the streets that I leave behind
And move forward maybe with no turns or way
Become one of the crowd, a crowd of one
Forget the ones I know now and now forget the known
But also the question walks with me
Of all the questions that I might have asked myself
Follow me in the crowds that I move
So I move faster and run, until I lose it among somewhere back in the crowd
I walk among the stranger and strangers walk with me
With me also a part of strangeness as strange as I could be
The strangers are friends, a friend of strangeness
And the strangeness remains as long as we all don't talk or move away each time we come close
I walk in a crowd of common people with a commonality which resembles to me
A common crowd of common people of the common wishes we all see
A common way leading to a common destination too
A part of strangeness, a part of crowd, a part of lost identity as to who are you?
But I like this crowd
This crowd doesn't question, hear or speak. Bounded by the strange commonality
But also commonalty take away the originality
But as long as someone breaks the line and makes his own they don't utter a word
As they regard anyone who makes a way to be insane
They find the common line a boon and the single lines a bane.
But sure, I feel safe, here better than walking alone
With questions to haunt and make you wake to another call
And I know I joined this line as for everybody did so like a doll
Without any difference, all one, once and for all
But at the end of the line I did understand
That though common was common and gave common goals too
But I wanted to start a journey for me, not for you.
I look back many more joining the line of common crowd.
I struggle and cut out.
I see them see me and seeing me see them
But nothing would be worth than starting a line than mayhem
I will have to start over and from real far,
But this is a single man's line and no crowd
A line of different dreams, goals, love and doubts
Not so easy but not so great too
There'll be an end; one man says from another line, I am sure for you
I don't know what lays ahead, good or gold
But it is mine, let it make me hold.
And though a long line but I could run
Unlike the ones in the common crowd waiting and waiting until nothing's being done
You see a line, doesn't matter if it's the finish or start
Each has its own beginning, start to start it for the sake of your heart.
Make a line and make it single, could be bottom, middle or even the start!

Topic(s) of this poem: reality

Form: Blank Verse

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