The Coronation Of Spring Poem by Manoj Krishnan

The Coronation Of Spring

When sultry days are intimidated by fiery sun's might,
Ambrosial winds soothe restless souls in the moonlit night.
For itinerants, these are sweltering days of rampant sun,
In the odyssey of mankind, they have been never loved one.
Amidst the dusty attics and somber faded tales,
Many lives blossom in lush Arcadian dales.
Lustrous summer enters the gala with a citrine ring,
Where all seasons celebrate the coronation of spring.

When the flash of lightening bedazzles the dark sky,
In sprinkling rain, simpleton's soul remains shy.
Fury of sudden thunderbolt instills eerie feeling,
And voluptuous clouds eclipse celestial ceiling.
Jovial peacocks dance and relish the elixir of nomadic life,
On miry roads, desperate lover meets beguiling wife.
Heavenly monsoon touches the arena with silver wing,
Where all seasons celebrate the coronation of spring.

Crimson leaves sadly bid adieu to the deciduous trees,
Slothful winds slowly supersede the prevailing breeze.
All souls experiencing this transition of warmth to cold,
On the trail of unsatiated life, treasure this mystic lore.
Adoring bounteous fecundity of these harvesting days,
In well-ripened rice stalks, the mind rests and imagination plays.
Mellow autumn descends to the dais on the golden swing,
Where all seasons celebrate the coronation of spring.

Kisses of the cold breeze are now chilled by the dense sleet,
Beyond the cozy quilt, desires stop the hesitant feet.
In blissful white nights of immaculate moonlight,
Some souls sleep and some indulge in the intimate fight.
In misty days, the sun occasionally shows its radiance,
All opt daydreaming and mindless self-indulgence.
Foggy winter arrives in the ceremony of the heavenly king,
Where all seasons celebrate the coronation of spring.

In nature's cycle, all have virtues along with a pinch of flaws,
It is the art of living to get adapted to these divine laws.
Time never waits for us, only we wait for the time,
Value every moment and cherish their musical chime.
In the glitter of seasons let's witness the crowning glory,
Who knows we might be mentioned in this magical story.
Elated hearts dance and jubilant souls prefer to sing,
Where all seasons celebrate the coronation of spring.

The Coronation Of Spring
Saturday, June 6, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: seasons
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