The Day Of Ultimatum. Poem by Saleem Tharani

The Day Of Ultimatum.

Your eyes peeping from the very depth of your heart,
Crying for holy hands to seek some help,
Disappointment, but no concern will lean to your side,
Lives now flicker, dreaded alike the flames, on the wind's arrival,

Doubt if mankind could persist their survival,
Would be no difficult to knock down the enemy,
Only if the foe of mankind would be,
Other than it self as the fact is to be.

Living for oneself, meeting some end,
One makes two, two makes four and so as the trend.
Life and lives are lost, making no difference,
Repaired and replaced, mighty job of some mysterious supreme hand.

Life and lives start again,
None have the ready reference,
Some create and live in accordance to it,
Some rather say, let me just get to the end.

Why the stem so tender,
Why the fruits of love, so easily perish,
Why the existence of divinity became so hinder.

Time to unleash the goodness,
Its the time to wake up and walk,
Walk the way, trodden by the great,
Live and let live,
All the peace to our feet, and
Happiness will only drum,
This be the day of ultimatum.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012
Topic(s) of this poem: humanism
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