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Me and my shadow walking down,
This desert, it is known as the devil's town.
As far as i can stretch my sight,
I can see the terror of the night,

That is where i wish to go,
Where the flowers of Love grow.

Where no Life as desert be,

Brother's love for me, like
The ocean that never dry
That has the tides of glee
Giving no teardrop to cry

It is the deadliest valley,
And poverty is the burden they carry,
slender is the path, for Just is their rally,
Their wish and ruler's will, does vary.

Dear father, out of my love for you,
words from the bottom of my heart,
I am overwhelmed while i speak them to you.

Was but a little weak plant,
mettle not to hand, the Stand very unsound,
afraid of the hustle, near and around.

A gleam in beautiful grace,
Brimming off your face;

Waiving through you is a cue,

It hath if a face, it bloometh happy,
swollen and swampy,

It gains if a shape, it maketh wings,

Dear death, you are so cruel,
Can't you see? Are you blind?
It was just the beginning,
Heart's young, time's not ripen,

Life essenced, so is always beautiful,
Soul that wish to learn how,
must every human soul have an eye,
Filled of compassion, care, respect and love.

In power and walks with pride,
Ants of greed in them, deep inside,
once a holy child, now a fraud and freak,
incredible his lure, and his poly trick.

Greatly absent minded is my boss,
That day he was red, at the loss
of his prized possession, a gifted pen,
his yelling at me like bad music volumed at ten.

Expand your soul,
Welcome the new,
Smile big wide,
Dream a view.

When its only you,
And no job to do,
Break the routine,
Yours is all the sky,

I am your nation and I shall speak,
You respect me? Then my advice you shall seek,
I am unable to bear, so while a family you make,
Add not to my plight, thoughtful will you make.

When you take birth,
People around you cheer,
When you are a child, yet to grow,
You carry all happies,

Your eyes peeping from the very depth of your heart,
Crying for holy hands to seek some help,
Disappointment, but no concern will lean to your side,
Lives now flicker, dreaded alike the flames, on the wind's arrival,

Show me some richness of heart,
Show me the goodness within,
Show me the love in depth,
Show me all why you be rich by heart,

Bring the dead alive,
Enjoy the dark of the daylight,
In the night see the black, in bright,
Reach out to embrace the sky,

Be the sweet and cool breeze,
Lept over, past the mountains and the sea,
Be the sleek and shiny star,
Throwing its beauty down the way so far.

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Treasure Hunter

Me and my shadow walking down,
This desert, it is known as the devil's town.
As far as i can stretch my sight,
I can see the terror of the night,
Dead bodies lying everywhere on the ground,
From the dead the ghosts making the sound.
But i am not afraid, i never frown,
I am the king of the kings and courage is my crown.
In search of the treasure, i am here
At the desert's heart, and my fortune is near,
I am now at the cave, inside is my fate
I see gold, silver, diamond of more than my weight.

I am now holding the shining diamond in my hand.

With joy I yelled 'Hurray, its too cool',
Over this i heard 'stop dreaming, wake up you fool'.

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Life's but living in moments of Freedom, Rest is not even close to Existence

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