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Treasure Hunter

Me and my shadow walking down,
This desert, it is known as the devil's town.
As far as i can stretch my sight,
I can see the terror of the night,
Dead bodies lying everywhere on the ground,
From the dead the ghosts making the sound.
But i am not afraid, i never frown,
I am the king of the kings and courage is my crown.
In search of the treasure, i am here
At the desert's heart, and my fortune is near,
I am now at the cave, inside is my fate
I see gold, silver, diamond of more than my weight.

I am now holding the shining diamond in my hand.

With joy I yelled 'Hurray, its too cool',
Over this i heard 'stop dreaming, wake up you fool'.

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19 December 2014

Life's but living in moments of Freedom, Rest is not even close to Existence

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