MichaelFrancis Heineman

The Day The World Ended - Poem by MichaelFrancis Heineman

If you are reading this it's already too late
For we all have met our fate
A fine maiden she is
We lurk unaware of her dispositions
Crafting away our own ambitions
Something feverish this way comes
A pound, a batter, a chime, some thumps
A knock, a ring, a yell, a scream
Who is it? Who is this?
Leave me now, for I've yet to finish
But when fate arrives she comes for lives
Beast of Hades leave me be
My mind tells me to flee the scene
My heart assaults my chest like hammer
Slowly now a fate soon answers
Thud…. Thud….. Thud ….
She's here.
A soft drum beat or is that my heart.
Just as my mind and soul do part
Just as my spirit and intellect unravel
My essence leaves body, ready for travel…
Thud… Thud… Thud…
I hold back.
Through the splitting of mind a soul
I find real ambitions, an aim, a goal.
"I am not ready for there is much to see."
Fate does listen, but does not agree.
"Please, " I beg, "give me chance."
This is the last moment to make my stance
"Us humans are designed to make mistakes"
"We lust, we greed, we steal, we take"
"But with all wrong doings aside"
"We care, we love, and even take pride"
Thud… Thud… Thud…
She doesn't hold back to give her answer
It pierces through me like a sinful dagger
All you've done is what you are
I try to comprehend nevermore
Just when the "Thud" was no more.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, February 2, 2013

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