The Day We Never Died Poem by Sam Betts

The Day We Never Died

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So you say old man what you doing outside,
I've been here a while is what I replied
The years treat you well is what you lied,
Cause I've been here since the day we never died.
I'd been alive just the blink of an eye when I pushed to the front has you went by, They all mocked and laughed and I took my turn, your flesh was broke how the sun did burn,
Then you caught my eye and my stomach did turn when you said ' I will go and you will wait until I return.
I knew that day before they pierced your side we don't know him they all lied, I can't end it you know I've often tried ever since the day we never died.
So the years treat me well is what you say well I've had so much time to dwell on that day.
I've traveled far had much to learn whilst paying my price to await your return
For 2000 years I've wandered this place I remember the pain twisted into your face
Then shalom Zebrina is what he said since the day we never died now you can be dead.

The Day We Never Died
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