This Time I Fell, I Really Fell. Poem by Sam Betts

This Time I Fell, I Really Fell.

It's 6 am when my mind kicks in
I see where I'm at I don't know where I've been

I know what comes next it's happened before
it's always me brings this to my door

So here's the script it's my last chance I need some good clean time to get distance

I start with hours and it makes a day
It's got to be done or here I'll stay.

I'll put the good between bad until I feel
I've lost the dark and I can start to heal.

I always let them down it's a sure fire bet, it's my excuse to use because they never forget.

If it only felt better being clean but there's a dark cloud above and I don't want to be seen.

When I see them and we all pretend like nothing ever happened but they know it will
happen again

They don't give up and nor should I
I can't do it again I'd rather die

I'll try one last time be by my side
I'm a failure at rock bottom nothing left to hide

If I fall once more there's nothing left to learn I'm sorry let me go
I'll just crash and burn.

This Time I Fell, I Really Fell.
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