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The December 2006 Letter Concerning The Looking Room - Poem by Jerry Behr Number 2

Dear Mr. Sh*t Kicker, I’ve made up my mind to
continue writing these sort of letters to you, because
you have great difficulties handling your life on the dole. You also think you're the only one on the dole
and you feel greatly depressed in your dole role.

First off I have a saying, “There’s security in numbers, albeit, statistically.” Centrelink looks like a highly modernized office, they’ve made it look that
way to disguise the actual dole queue, as if nobody
is on the dole, however, there’s always somebody.

Due to the fact Australia’s entire manufacturing has collapsed, it doesn't take much of an imagination
that this causes unemployment. Don’t believe the lies about 4.5% jobless and that its the best in 30 years,
people who have any brains have economical fears.

In actual fact you are one of hundreds of thousands
who are on Newstart Allowance. Over a period
of half a dozen years millions of people would have
gone through Centrelink. Don’t go into depression,
I’m well aware Australia is in economical recession.

I know that you hate the staffers of you local
Job Network, they make you go fortnightly for
those nonsense interviews. Even though
you haven't worked for 26 years all told
and have a bum hip, plus you’re 56 years old.

You have to calm down and stop your swearing,
even though Centrelink and the Job Network
both deserve it. I know you’ve applied for
the Disability Pension and they knocked you back
even though you’re lame, stuck on the dole track.

And then you’re forced to sign the Job Network the
“Activity Agreement.” You have to look for work
in the “Looking Rooms” Monday, Tuesday and
Wednesday between 9: 30 to 12: 30, and its tough,
you don't have a pedigree name that's also rough.

Nor do you have a verifiable work history because
you’ve been out of work for 26 years. Then the callous
interviewer demands you to make an interesting résumé. “The reverse polarity résumé” a résumé I call
that’s guaranteed not to get you a job at all.

I’m afraid when you asked for how long
you’re stuck with your local Job Network and
they answered back for the rest of your natural life.
All dolies are stuck with their Job Network run
for ever and ever, its bloody terrible and not much fun.

The idiotic numbskull government thinks that by making dolies life hell, that this translates to employment all of a sudden. Crazy eh! ! ! ! All that does happen is the dolies
hate the Job Network interviewer with great disdain.
Cordiality went out of the window friendliness in refrain;

Unfortunately Mr. Sh*t Kicker this turns the atmosphere
confrontational into “Us and Them.” “Them” are the Job Networks and must be treated with contempt.“Us” are
the 18—64 old guys and the 18—59 old women,
victims of social atrocities upon our fellow country men.

You’re fearful because you have a bum hip stricken with Perthes Disease, and Centrelink wont give you a
Disability Pension. The Commonwealth Rehabilitation Services is out of the frying pan and into the fire,
having the same “Looking Rooms” which you greatly tire.

Having a great disdain for the “Looking Rooms” I can
tell you these “Looking Rooms” are everywhere, in all
Job Networks, in the buildings of CRS offices, there is no
escaping the “Looking Rooms.” Computers are there
for you to find work it doesn't matter where.

However, in your case having a severe medical
condition, and no employment history going to the
“Looking Rooms” is a cruel ruse. I know that these
“Looking Rooms are in all towns in all States whatever,
in Australia from Parramatta to Wollongong wherever.

Even if your condition was known by “Them” and the
Work Capacity Officer even reduced your “Hours”
there’s no mercy from the “Looking Rooms”. Old lame
people, cripples, sick aged people past their prime
they have to man the computers looking all the time.

Mr. Shit Kicker as fearful as it may look, as I said
before “There is security in numbers.” The
Commandant of the Job Network fears that if all
Dolies turn up for the “Looking Rooms”
it’ll fill up to the rafters there’s no more room.

You can’t slink away from the “Looking Rooms” there is no exception even for cripples. There is no mercy from
the Commandant who demands your “Hours.”
This runs for ever and ever in all towns in any State
from Melbourne to Ballarat there is no end at any rate.

People who have no chance of employment due to
massive imports of manufactured products. People who
have medical conditions, aged people facing rampant
age discrimination, sick people all have to be “There.”
To see the Commandant there’s no mercy it’s not fair; ©
By Jerry Behr

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