Harry Moon

The Demon House - Poem by Harry Moon

I walked away and you cried, Please don't go, but the Demons kept calling, "Come to the Demon House."
You followed and I watched from behind the bushes as you drove by in vain, for they kept calling, "Come to the Demon House."
You didn't come back so now I could go, to the ones a calling me, to "Come to the Demon House."
My thoughts were numb, my spirit drug behind me, as I proceeded to "the Demon House."
There, the Demons seemed to whisper, "Peace is just a few more steps, Inside the Demon House."
It was so enticing, the calm, and the thoughts as I walked around The Demon House.
They kept whispering to me, "Oh they won't miss you, you'll soon be forgotten, Those Demons there in the Demon House."
I walked out on the porch. The Sun was warm on my face as my soul was bitter cold like ice, there at the Demon House.
They kept pulling me further and further within, "Time is wasting away here at the Demon House."
One last flicker, one last good bye as I bowed my head and asked for forgiveness for listening to the Demons, here at the Demon House.
I picked up the Glass, it seemed so sharp, and the Demons kept saying, "hurry, before it's too late, after all, "you don't won't to miss the Party, here at the Demon House."
But something went wrong, the glass it would not cut; it would not let me party there at the Demon House.
I tried breaking it to make sure it was sharp, but still it would not give in to the Demon House.
When all seemed a blur, they came, the Angels to save me from the Demons at the Demon House.
They took me to safety and washed my wounds, they saved me from the Demons in the Demon House.
Now I know that when those Demons call me again, I have many Angels to protect me from the Demon House.
They still call and perhaps they always will, but with the help of my Angels, I won't make that trip again, with the Demons at the Demon House.

Topic(s) of this poem: Suicide

Poet's Notes about The Poem

I wrote this after I got out of the Hospital when I tried to take my life. I had walked about a mile from our house after watching my wife drive by looking for me. This was my third attempt over the span of my live. Was such a dark day that I don't want to ever go back to. I have found that I have a Suicide Addiction and have started getting help. I will ever be so thankful for the police that found me, the Dr. that have and continue to treat me, the friends that I didn't know I had but most of all to a wife who loves me and is my best support. I only pray that if my poem or my story will save just one life then this my darkest of days will have been worth sharing.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, August 2, 2014

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