Steven Inman

The Demons Inside Me - Poem by Steven Inman

the demons inside me are taking control
the demons inside me are telling me to do bad things
i have forgotten wat im on this earth for
so the angels hav left me b/c of my past and the demons come with grins
i fell used and violated
i wish i was better i wish my past was golden yet these demons come with their hooked chains that grapple me and make me bleed.
i scream to the heavens but all it does is rain. the heavens cry as i scream their name.
they pull me with their might the demons and death, as i struggle for my existance. they laugh as though i am worthless but yet they know that i am their savior that the world will be covered in fire and brimstone. i am the fallen angel and a risen demon. my powers are unboundless yet i cant controll my own soul
as they strip me from my throne the give me more power and take away my soul, they take my heart so i may not feel, they take my mind so that i cant think, they take my spirit so i have to will to fight against them, they even take my soul so they can own me.
the demons inside me are destructive and unpassionet they everything as though i am a lost cause
will i be helped

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, April 8, 2010

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