The Dreamer Poem by Tori Ocean

The Dreamer

Snatched away by dreams and dreaming she was caught up in a seeming
One whose face was simply gleaming, gleaming with a blinding light
Never had I thought a thinker could so competently tinker
with reality and be a linker of things false and right.

Oh, did she spin yarns beguiling; you could find her sitting smiling
thinking happy things and further styling her compelling lie
Irrelevancies were essential evidence (inconsequential)
And to her its quintessential if good things it did imply

Then the sorry sane softhearted murmuring of her good friends darted
In among the now departed fiction that had been the norm
Her sweet illusion now is thrashing like a wounded beast its dashing
Hobbling limping falling further smashing its poor mangled form

To the ground it started sinking all the while the girl was thinking
“Now the poor beast’s barley blinking. Soon I think it’s life will end, ”
Her countenance was calm and cool but, really, just the simplest fool
Missed the ever growing pool of tears in which her sorrow’s penned

She knew that she could not bear living in this harsh world unforgiving
Only in her mind reliving mem’ries of departed dreams
So since she could not stop crying one day she ascended flying
To the sky and now is lying nestled in the sun’s warm beams

Never did she cease her weeping in her heart she’s ever keeping
Mem'ries of her sweet dream sleeping while her tear drops a pond make
Over years the pond keeps filling til one day it started spilling
And while songbirds crossly trilling it flooded trees to form a lake

Still she cried; the lake kept growing her stream of teardrops wasn’t slowing
It seemed her eyes were ever flowing then her crying made the sea
For a moment tears stopped coming when she heard the gentle humming
Of the sea waves that was coming from the ocean made by she.

Now its joy that sets her crying you can see her, sometimes, flying
In the sky and often sighing at the beauty of the sea
All the tears and pain of dying broken hearts and ceaseless crying
Maybe just perhaps were trying to set her caged soul free

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