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The End

Rating: 4.8

can't believe i didn't notice
that we were both drawing apart,
i'd always thought that i would love you
from the bottom of my heart.
now i've forgotten our first kiss,
can't remember our first time,
i wonder if you even cared,
or there was someone else in line

don't ask me when this happened,

when we returned to just being friends.
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Christina Smith 17 April 2009

wow! I felt a lot of emotion in that, well done Londiwe, brilliant xx

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Stevens Cadet 16 April 2009

I really like this poem. I believe this happens to alot of people, but you just have to see if your relationship is Fire_Proof!

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Bruce Martone 16 April 2009

very to the point fine writing very real but also sad but also true bruce

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Rory Hudson 15 April 2009

A sad and sensitive piece, as yours so often are. Have you thought about putting more of this in rhyme? Might help you establish the mood even better.

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Douglas Palmer 20 April 2009

oh i absolutly love this poem graet job please let me know when you wright more i would love to read your new work

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Ppl say goodbye every second scary that the next second mite b ur turn LOVE IT! ! ! 10+++

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Jenna Thomas 19 April 2009

I think that love is good when you have it. Maybe because you have forgotten that you are ready for a new. Take your life lessons and keep them close to your heart. Never give up and you will find your true happiness.

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Lynda Robson 17 April 2009

Good write, sometimes things don't turn out as we hope, keep writing. Lynda xx 10

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Sean Lee 17 April 2009

great poem! very powerfull

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