The Eternal Lover - Poem by RAJ VIKRAM

From the confines of womb
where love was security
to an infant for whom love
was caresses and lullabies
to a toddler for whom
love was attention and care
to that kid for whom love
was sometimes harmless
admonitions and advice.

To the teenage when love
turns into another avatar
when from being loved
one starts to seek love outside.
Is it love that changed or the
eternally insatiable soul
that yearned for love.
even when it knows that
to love is to be loved.

When the seeker went out
searching for love that
turned into a conundrum,
that became increasingly
abstract and delinquent.
When love and lust
played hide and seek turning
the heart into a battle field.
When lust conquered love
it became an elevation that
flattered to deceive.

Within the confines of
the societal notions of
right and wrong there came
along the marital bliss.
What's marriage?
love feigning as lust
or the other way around.
Yes it is a pleasure being
a lover an eternal one at that
alternately waxing and waning.

Love is not a question seeking
answer just be with it
dance to its tunes and do
its proddings like an infant.
Yes be an eternal lover
and love is love's reward.

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, September 15, 2015

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