Emmanuel Aneto

The Evergreen Lily - Poem by Emmanuel Aneto

Oh! today smiles flow through my blood
Like the Lake of Constance
Gladness blow across my cheek
Like wind dividing the ocean

On this day sixteen years ago
An angel came down to earth
She brought happiness to a family
And a package of joy to the world

Oh! today Christina is sixteen
Sixteen she is but teenager she is not
She is gifted with great wisdom
Far beyond the arms of her age

She was that golden star of love
twinkling above my little boyish head
giggling and whispering something to my ear
as I played on the grass with my little dog
That night 7: 57pm before valentine´s day
Then I yelled! ! Oh! ! ! golden star of love
Why do you stay alone in the skies!
Come down lets stay here together!
Up I cannot come but down you can come!
Oh! that night was my best as a child

Oh! Her smiley bright beautiful face
Reminds me of the full summer moon
like the green grasses of the grüner Damm
Her hairs wriggle around her head

Ah! Those brown beautiful eyes
Pouring out flames like a dragon
Winking! ! Blinking Out volcanoes
Crippling the colossal mountains
Making the sun go blind
Startling a sleeping baby elephant
Oh! What a beauty you are Christina
What a great work of art

Oh! ! Today I am pregnant! ! Pregnant with joy
Let all the birds sing a birthday song
Let the cloud pour down tears of rain
Let the trees bow down their heads
Let the mountains clap their hands
Let the lake overflow its bank
Come together all you nature
Celebrate! ! With joy the birth of your queen

beloved sister I give you this precious gift
It is a beautiful gift from my heart
Your life is more precious than gold
Your future is bright hold it tight
Set your sights above the heights
Bloom! Blossom! Boom like the rose! !
Oh! My Evergreen Lily
happy birthday to you

(Happy birthday Christina and many more years to you.
With LOVE from Emmanuel)

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