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The Evil Fly

Rating: 5.0
I sat quietly
Listening to my mother dear
While a fly buzzed in my ear
I swatted at it
And it buzzed back
It didn't seem to know that I
Wanted its buzzing to lack

I shooed it away
But, unfortunately, it wanted to play
As it continued to buzz and stay

My mother thought that the
Shoo was for her
Then she slapped me so hard that
Even my name I couldn't remember

I tried to explain
And stay consciously sane
While the fly buzzed in my ear

That was Day One of the fly
And with its annoyingness
It wasn't shy

I had class the next day
And the fly still
Wouldn't get out of the way

My professor declared,
'What is 582 squared? '
The fly appeared out of thein air
Unfortunately, my arms were bare
It landed on my right arm
And I just had to glare

I swatted wildly at it
But it didn't care a bit
'What is the answer, Mr. Thomas Lit? '
I wanted to throw a fit
Its head is what I wanted to hit

'Um, um, ' I stuttered
This situation
Could not be buttered
I sat in an array of cluttered
Expectant eyes

I felt like a fool
When professor told me to
See him after school

That was Day Two
Of the Evil Fly blues

On the next day
I really had to pay

Gone was my mother
To the store she went
The same fate I wanted for my brother
But my luck was spent

My brother wouldn't stop talking
So I started walking
To my room
And also to my doom
Of the zoom, zoom, zoom

That's what the fly did
Its presence
I had already tried to rid
I couldn't do anything else
So I hid

But I could hear its wretched zooming
In my ears I could hear it booming

When I could take no more
I dropped to the floor
And began to cre
Because I thought
That I would die
If the fly couldn't be caught

I dragged back beside
My brother
And waited solemnly
For my mother
And all the while
The fly let me alone
But I was stone

I was depressed for a week
I wasn't even myself,
A geek

As soon as I was happy again
I planned to wreak my revenge

But I was prepared
And I knew what 582 was
When it was squared

I made a giant invention
Called the Contraption
It had wheels and loops
And traps and coops
And ropes
And slopes
And even a machine
That went, 'Nope'

The fly came in
And I got in position
To press a button
Called ignition

Then I pressed the button
And the electricity went through
I got sizzled from it
Who would have knew?

I woke up in a hospital bed
With the fly over my head
I was made of casts
But the doctor said
That it wouldn't last
He then noticed the fly
'Stupid fly, ' he said
As he squashed the fly
Right over my head
Marissa Butler
Saturday, July 10, 2010

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