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I never knew my birth place very well because I left their when I was two years old, but I know I was born in virgina.I like to draw anime and real life objects, taking art 2d class. I like to express my inner self, I am doing in creative writing in school and show what I can do. I would like to go to tokyo, japan (when I grow up to be a artist or manga artist) . I have a very boring life but I know god has other plans for me(I am catholic) .I am in 10th grade(A, B, C, D student) .I'm hoping I would go to tech art class, or pottery.Danceing is a o.k hobbie, at least I can wear pink or black.I like cats their fluffy and cute. I have a little shit-zu(he's one years old and 5 month) name fuffy. I'm half brazilen(both of my parents are from brazil) and american(I was born there) .I listen to bands like GazettE(japanese band) and linkin park.

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The Beautiful Flower

there was once a beautiful flower sitting in the meadow
while I got out of my bed to my window
the field was very beautiful and grassy
the beautiful flower was feeling sassy
as it stand tall above all of the flowers in the meadow
I wanted to get something to drink so I left the window
the beautiful flower try to look for me
the beautiful wanted to see
me at the window looking at the flowers beauty and grace
but there was a sad look on her face
when I came back with with a drink of water
the beautiful flower felt better
the beautiful flower posed and danced
but I did not glanced
then I looked down and saw another beautiful flower
the first flower was a sunflower
and the second flower was pink with a green in the middle
the second beautiful flower started to fiddle
the first beautiful flower got so mad she grabed her
and threw the second flower ferther
from the meadowly field of the uncool flowers
but the rain shower
it was coming in 5 minutes and the beautiful flower was sad
but I looked down with a smile and she was glad
then the rain started the flower went home to her friend
the end

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chella Death Popularity

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