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The Fall Of Words - Poem by emerson achari

The light was dim
The whole house dark
all except for the one room
in which i sat

Who knew my story would begin like this
hunched against a fading light
It couldn't just happen
but it did

For it was then
i began my masterpiece
and it changed my life forever

The crows hovered
We stood in line
six abreast
And looked across
to see the gargantuan army ahead
lying in wait
our fight
our war, now almost at end

It was morning
The poem that i began
lay, half done

This was the first day
of my new life
for ahead of me stood
days of happiness
more than ever before

Hundreds had died
and millions injured
but the last battle over
the last war won

It was lonely
very lonely
and boring too
What would we do now
all our demands met
and now finally
we left for our homes
The business of war ended

It seemed to me
as if war had become a corporation
from which to earn
As if sieges a part of life
Now without it, felt out of water

The poem finally finished
three months it took to make
Yet it seemed to quick
For my thoughts were sheep
and my pen the shepherd to guide them

The poem published
and sold in its hundreds
Yet a difference it made, not at all
For at the party i came across

the estate invited me
i grew rich on the spoils of war
and thus became an influential man
but there i started upon
the person of my dreams

It seemed as if i was unworthy
to hear her words
they felt like petals upon my ear
an ear that has herd so many a cry of death

It seemed as if i was unworthy
to talk on equal terms
as if she the queen
and i the slave

Her deep blue eyes
imprisoned me within
as bright as the moons soothing light
her hair golden captured me
of all the flaws people had
it seemed as if she had none

Her brown eyes lured me
her dark hair sparkled and shined
of this person there was no equal
and never would i find another
in the years of combat and strife
it became evident
i found a new cause in life

Several months passed
it seemed i was in heaven
for beside me walked an angel

I traveled to the estate several times
each, new, more confusing feelings emerged
it was difficult for me to understand it all
this was no place for a soldiers skill
but the lovers hand

Out from the distance bellow
war had returned to these lands
I had to go
i had to leave
i would only hope i could come back alive

Tonight we met
in the luminous luxurious lounge
she appeared more lovely than the moon
the place empty to ourselves

I turned around
to bring out the ring
and i felt the dagger puncture my heart

As i lay there bleeding
spoiling the rug
I saw the dagger dripping with blood
Her eves were still more enchanting than ever

I stood there staring
the battle had ended
now for the first time speechless
it took me forever to form the words
But finally i did
i do...

Poet's Notes about The Poem

the story of a poet who is recalling parts of his masterpiece as his life unfolds

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