Karl Bryan Bago

The Final Hour - Poem by Karl Bryan Bago

The sinful Earth has left men confused and blinded,
Making hope unheeded and hearts seared with curses.
They don’t see the light, for they’ll never see it,
Repent! before time reaches its dead end.

One hour to live, one hour to condemn,
But our souls are trapped in the void, we can’t see our way!
Help us! Satan is impeding and chocking our innocence!

“HAHAHA! You are under my cloak,
You have chosen me over Him.
Now feel the price, feel my presence! ”

Darkness swallowed the bare skin of Earth,
The spumes of evil, caused the fallen nations to unite.
Then the dark angel stood up and ruled the world, Lucifer.
His heart, pure black and diffused with vile.

BOOM! Sharp and deadly weapons showered in the atmosphere.
Stabbing the peaceful men, terrorizing the last piece of amity.

The toxic mist of violence and corruption crawled in the air,
Killing billions of people on its way.
Many died, many cried, ‘til blood spilled on the barren ground.
But wait! We see light, flickering in the distance,
Hush…hush…Could this be? ...
A Huge wave of fire, creeping upon the crust of the planet,
scorching the baneful men, tormenting the deprived creatures!

Half an hour has passed.

HAHAHA. Another laughter thundered in the air,
The hopeless humanity were exhausted, frightened, yet startled
The voice is neither from Satan nor from Almighty God above,
The wicked woman’s cackle, is the sound of Mother Nature’s wrath;

“I have given you heaven,
Yet you still turned it into hell!
I know better than you are, I’m stronger than your wits!
Now feel my price, feel my presence! ”

Streaks of thunder and lightning flashed in the sky,
Ground shook and cracked, volcanic eruptions blew,
Tunnels of clouds funneled in the air,
And water rose into a gigantic beast.

Earth was once a paradise and a tranquil sphere,
Wrapped by Gaeia’s veil to secure men’s needs,
Now she loomed like a callous villain,
tormenting humanity without a drop of mercy.

Chaos broke out, and noises pounding our ears!
Screams of pain, moans of agony, and cries of grief.
This is not yet the end!
But when will it stop? When will it end?

All of those who toppled rose upon their feet, saying;

Clock runs fast, only seconds before time stops.
Men are suffering, women ceasing with weariness,
children dying in famine.
Oh, God! Spare us Oh God!

Silence dominated as a bright light descended from the firmament,
He’s coming! Repent before it’s too late!
“Pour forth, we beseech thee oh, Lord”

God’s eyes were teary, seeing his creations suffer.
At last! The Lord came down, and finally he said;
“The Judgment has begun.”

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This poem intends to wake up the people of Earth that the end is near yet unpredictable.When this time comes, are we really prepared?

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, January 1, 2014

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