Arwa Bharmal

The Gap Between Meeting And Engagement

The eyes they did meet,
not those that do not see,
but the sight that reveal.
The heart of hearts which hides deep,
in every beat,
A secret no less than a treat.
The emotion was pure,
the admiration was real,
I took your peace,
You took my heart,
And yet we smiled...

The meeting was short,
the conversation just a word,
Our life was only beginning,
The future merely a thought.
My hopes were shattered
and the dreams put to sleep,
I wondered what could have
been running in the mind I seek.

The nights were too long, the days so short,
the desire unfulfilling and the passion not quite igniting,
The excitement was pleasant, surprises were new,
waiting was a present, emotions a cooked stew.
Almost feared the unstoppable, when the worlds clash again,
We would make it possible, play out love’s board game.

Our story is fresh and yet it goes untold..
Avoided by the players, the sixes appeared,
Reunited we were, a questioned mistake,
Rules are broken as fears now steered
Not to be ignored, a transparent fold.
A timed distance apart, but closest were our hearts-
Our candle flame flickers like an unsettled child's cradle
We have won, the powers are united as one,
Written it down, destiny and fate wear the crown
Now for us to bridge the gap, an oblivion trap.

Oh, give us the courage to make You proud,
With you keep us a part of the angelic crowd,
In every endeavor You are our ultimate goal
May you guide toward salvation, Master of our soul
We seek to sacrifice, attaining as we have vowed
And forever above us remain your protection cloud.

Poem Submitted: Thursday, May 12, 2011
Poem Edited: Thursday, May 12, 2011

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Comments about The Gap Between Meeting And Engagement by Arwa Bharmal

  • Mozafar Ali (5/13/2011 7:18:00 PM)

    :) really good, you got talent keep them coming!

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  • Mohammad Akmal Nazir (5/12/2011 2:26:00 AM)

    Nice poem. Rich in depth and imagery.
    Beautifully conceived. I rate it 10.
    Thanks for sharing.....
    Please read and rate my poem 'A humble complaint' on page 2.

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