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You could have been more polite observing me,
Your harsh words have left
An indelible impression,
Hatred can be won by love alone,

Shameless, nude always invites
To outrage her modesty,
Smooth and grey
who would not be

The blow was very cruel,
The bud could not blossom,
It died underneath,
And who cares?

I write and remove thy name,
In this way I punish my heart,
Thy love was nothing but a game,
And I was defeated by thy ways smart.

Clad in shabby dress, stinks sweat,
A churlish who works day and night
In the field,
To speed up the pace of progress,

When chirping of birds reaches my ear,
When the call of the caller
Does the heart tear,
When the rippling of the river do I hear,

The life will remain the same,
You will remain the same,
They will remain the same,
The world will remain the same

Let's see the world with an open eye,
And take it as a bivouac not destination,
Its love is false and nature sly,
It's an obstacle in the way of emancipation.


Hovering around the flowers,
It sucks the juice and converts it
Into honey,
What a loss!

I pray you to take me to the height,
From where fall is not possible,
But I know my worth,
Being a human being I am the victim of

No moon, no stars, no planets,
There was not even universe where they existed,
There was a vast land all around,

All the pleasant adjectives,
Were hovering
around her,
Each of them wished,

My pain grows and my heart sinks,
When far away in the sky a star blinks,
The star of my life is about to sink,
And when about it I impatiently think,

Under the cover of the drowsy night,
I see a very painful sight,
On the outskirts of the city,
A crime is born out of pity,

Primary ambition-
Earning, spending, loving, rejoicing, leaving everything far behind.

Secondry ambition-

A diabolic feeling for the flesh,
Arouses in the realm of thought,
A fire that reduces wisdom to ashes,
For the pleasure of moments,

They got ready to shoot the scene,
He unbuttoned her,
Her nude body was shining like marbel,
But her coyness was annoying him

I bought an expensive saree for you,
And again you did the same,
You critised my like as usual,
And broke my heart into pieces,

You have gone away from my life
But you still inhabit in my heart
When I try to forget you,
I remember you most.

Clad in white from top to bottom,
These bright smiling faces are the symbol of our politics,
They determine the destiny of our country,
They are worried over the country's progress

Mohammad Akmal Nazir Biography

I am Mohd. Akmal Nazir. I am the resident of mohalla Quazipura, Bahraich. I am the eldest son of my parents. My father late Mr. Mohd. Nazir Khan was a teacher in a local interermediate college. My mother Mrs. Shahida Begum is a house wife. I have two younger brothers(Athar Nazir and Arshad Nazir) and two younger sisters(Mrs. Rehana Salman and Irfana) . My brother-in-law Salman Ali takes delight in politics. He is a contractor by profession at the same time he is a good orator. He is very famous across Gonda. I am the husband of a traditional caring wife, Shaista Nazir and father of two beautiful children, Ahsan and Bilal. I am a post-graduate and I run an English coaching institute. I write verses both in Urdu and English. I don't call myself a poet because I simply express my ideas in the easiest language and I don't decorate my verses literally. I love to invite criticism.)

The Best Poem Of Mohammad Akmal Nazir

*a Humble Complaint*

You could have been more polite observing me,
Your harsh words have left
An indelible impression,
Hatred can be won by love alone,
As one gets relief from
Scorching heat
By gentle rain,
As the sermon of a saint soothes
The disturbed mind,
Your words could have healed
The wounds of my heart,
For once you touched me, felt me,
And covered your being with my love,
As you said,
You smelt my love and called it red rose,
What's happened now?
Thorns have grown on my lips,
My being has become the grave of your hatred,
Is it a diversion
Or you're posing to be more sensible?

Mohammad Akmal Nazir Comments

Well said poet..Great words....You know I rated it 9 because I was eager to get just one last sentence, but you denied(smiling) ..great my poet...I love it so much... I have already taken it for a frame in my room with the last part saying ' By: Mohd. Akmal Nazir....'

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Linda Patino 21 June 2011

Beautiful poem..I loved it. I will gladly read more of your poems..Thank you for your nice comment on mine.

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Chris Darlington 23 June 2011

some strong stuff in these poems

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Mohammad Muzzammil 13 December 2010

This is a modern poet who has also space for the ancient thought. His poems are the mirror of the surroundings and the current affairs. So far as the language is concern, it is too easy for a secondary class student to understand. The poems are concised but bear great meaning, and they also leave impression upon the people who read them.

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Lucia Domingos Fula 02 February 2011

A poet Genius.have a very unique talent.i love it 100+

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astha singh 01 September 2022

gr8 poem

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Ashish Pandey 20 December 2021

Nice poem sir

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Akmal Mazit 31 March 2019


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Ishan 15 July 2018

Beautiful lines ..

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Nick Krakana 17 July 2011

Like this, simple and true, always rings through......NK

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