The Gcse Feeling Poem by Sian Mein

The Gcse Feeling

Crisp, new sheets rustle as they're turned,
Anxiously remembering all you've learned,
Nervous coughs and pen tops clicking,
Constant, the clocks rhythmic ticking,

Everyone else seems to know what to write,
And you have no idea what is right,
You watch the girl sitting to your left,
Wondering if you've got the same test,

She seems to be writing pages and pages,
Just reading the question has taken you ages,
Now 10 minutes have already passed,
And you haven't even done the first task,

You take a deep breath and start scribbling away,
But now you've run out of things to say,
The girl on your left is still writing, and it's neat!
Now she's asking to have an extra sheet,

You look at the clock, only half hour to go,
you just start writing all that you know,
Just make sure that your grammar's correct,
Oh my god you forgot to spell check!

The invigilator says '5 minutes everyone',
But you know that you're not even done,
You finish your sentence and suppose it'll do,
Checking for errors as you read it through,

Now it's finally over, you can breathe easy again,
That is until you see one of your friends,
and they insist on asking how did it go?
You simply say 'How am I supposed to know?

Why when you've been through that ordeal,
Do people ask about how you feel,
It's simple it's over, I've done my best,
Now what's on tomorrows test?

By Sian Mein

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