The Ghosts Of Moon Poem by Prasanta Behera

The Ghosts Of Moon

Oh midsummer night moon
let me see your face
let me soak you rays of light
like a dew drop caressing a leaf
we are connected
we are connected forever
but why do you hide from me?
Are you afraid to show
what is on the other side?
The veil of universe
shrouds in mystery
what lies behind the facade
what lies behind the brighter side.
Why are you afraid to show the realm
Do ghosts linger in them?


The banyan tree basking in glory
shinning leaves shimmering in moonlight.
Look at me, look at me
I am the tree of life
you can see all my sides.
I can see you and you can see me
we are connected
as you are part of me
I am the tree of life!
But what aboutthe branches
hidden deep inside
They look short; they look barren
hiding deep inside.
Why was their life cut short
Oh tree of life!
Why did you let the branches fall
before their time?
Why do you not mention about it!
Like moon, you bask in glory
like moon, you hide inside
do you hide ghosts inside
Oh you tree of life!


What we see, not all is there
What we tell, not all is spoken
What we feel, not all is shared
What is to be said, not spoken
we are mired by light of moon
the beautiful branches of tree
but not able to see the other side
not able to say what is left behind.
We are the branches of the tree of life
We are the branches
expanding, enriching
fulfilling the splendor of moon.
Do we think of the branches left behind
They do not speak
they can not listen
shrouded in mystery
ghosts of the tree
do they exist
like the ghosts of moon?


The moon says,
I can not change the path
I can not show the other side
but no ghosts linger in me.
Let my light sooth you
let it show you the path
to your journey in the
mid summer night
but trust me
no ghosts linger in me!


The tree says, life is uncertain
some branches grow
and some fall quickly
it is what is
but no ghosts linger in me!
The branches of past are deep inside
not because I want to hide
it is you you who grow outside
as you are part of me.
Let me help you see the moon
Let me show you the sun
Let me help you in your journey
Let me help you live your life
I am the tree of life!
No ghosts of moon reflect in me
no ghosts linger in me
I am tree of life!

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