The Gift Of Life. - Poem by ADEBAYO ADENRELE

Vis-a-vis with personal luminary feats, Utter catapults to human senses, Waving of divine inspiration, With a redeemable affection.=> The mat hath twisted, The gift hath erazed the preceeded defects, Crinkling of the clod of clay, The tact of personal glory, Where fortune hath besieged the entrance, To preclude a sniper shot, It's natural, It can't be artificially modernized! => A sudden moment of inspiration, Is a sudden detection of forecast, When forehead locates the targets, The spirit assumed a thought.=> Best fact cackled with amazing facts, Long nose is a famous creature, Shorts will be remembered, Whilst rainbow caps will be admired.=> Inspiration hath been diverted into music, Inspiration hath been diverted into acting, Inspiration hath been diverted into subordinating effects, Whao! It's a natural thought! => Bayonet knives inside a rifle, Chemical toxicology in a poison, A slippers in a soup, With a relation to hammer.=> Winning is a most per capital, Losing is a most per capital, Struggling is a most per capital, Whilst inspiration is rolling round the clock.=> The whale of the sea, The fish inside the river, The ocean and sea, And the lake and the ocean.=> Twinkle huge star is blinking, Same applies to the eyelids, The trees can't hold the weight of the air, Same applies to doziness of the eye.=> Gift, gift, gift is constant, Artificial gift is an erratic interim, Like a voted body on power, Which will only spent eight years invariably.

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, September 22, 2015

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