Doryar Ooh

The Godly Rich Prince

See the Godly rich Prince
who lay all of His richess aside
to dwell amongst us sinners
up to Jerusalem. poor, on an ass colt
see Him ride

See the people, laypalms and even garments along His path
The prophecied King, they'ed found
But none did see, His heart morn
or His tears wet the ground

Blessed be the King who comes
in the name of the Lord
peace on earth and glory inthe highest
the throng ing crowd did shout

Rebuke them rebuke them
the pharisies cried out
Jesus replied
If I did so
the stones would surly
cry out

See the King of rightiousness
clean his father's house
of greedy men
that day
This is not a house
of thieves
but a place to kneel and pray

See him say

See him one teach
of the wicked husband men
or the poor widows last mite
hear Him speak
of the days of God's
when heaven and earth
is set aright

See Him sat at His last supper
see Him wash his fellows feet
or dip the sop
see the betrayer who
did eat

See Him taken in the gardem
unjustly tried by night
all against Hebrew law
See Him put up no sign
of defence
or any sign of fight

See Him
blind fold
struck and blasphemed
see Him spat upon and mocked
See Him trice denied by Peter
the rooster crowd
See Peter

See the chief priest ask with elders
'Art thou the Christ the one to come'
if I say
you won't believe me
or release me
when you're done

See Him say
Hereafter shall the Son of Man sit
at the right hand
of the power of God
then said they all again
art thou the Son of God
speak now they said
from the heart
He said 'ye say I Am'

See them bring Him before pilate
for He said
'Ye say I Am'
accusing Him of perversions, Treason
setting Himself up as King
lo Pilate Queried of His Kingship
See Him say 'thou sayest'
Them be meek and silent as a lamb

No fault I find in this Man
was pilate's rightious decree
yet he sent Him off to Herod
ruler over Galilee
Gladly did Herod see Jesus
perchance a mircle to see
For he had heard
And asked Him much
but not a word
said He

See him Whipped for our
today by these very stripes
we are healed
See those same ones that praised Him at His Entry
now shout
Crusify Him
Let Him be killed
there for the life of a thief
pilates sentence was
And so our Lord's way
to the Cross was sealed

See God so loved the world that
He gave
His only begotten Son
to carry our sins
and bare our iniquities
At the cross our victory was won
See the brothers and Sisters
all set free from sin
on whom the second death
shall have no hold
so we be
one in Chirst
and He be one
in the Father
altogather in Love
saintified and whole

Poem Submitted: Thursday, August 13, 2009

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