The Great Flicklefly Pudding Pie Poem by Richard D Remler

The Great Flicklefly Pudding Pie

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I made a scrumptious pudding pie
Out of a freckled Flicklefly.
I know! It surprised me too!
It's not something that I usually do.

I 'd been a rather busy chap.
I'd combed my hair. I took a nap,
When that Flicklefly just happened by.
And it was one unlucky guy.

So I tossed that feller in a bowl
And added lots of mayonnaise.
I plopped in a banana roll,
And whisked it up six different ways!

I scrunched in tasty applesauce,
And a bunch of grated rainbow cheese,
Some horseradish I had come across,
And some sweetened caramello peas.

And it looked tasty! Yes it did!
So I put on the plastic lid
And whipped it up til it was gooey,
And extra, extra, extra chewy!

Next I added creamy milk
Moussey as the finest silk.
And half a box of sugar cubes,
And the caps of two bent inner-tubes.

And I thought and thought and thought, I did.
I thought as hard as any kid
Until my thinker went kerplunk
And lost a thought I knew I'd thunk!

I wasn't certain that I knew
Exactly what I had to do
To turn this freckled Flicklefly
Into the finest pudding pie.

I mixed in half a stick of butter,
And a cup of kickshaw jelly.
I stirred it and it seemed to mix
Though it was somewhat smelly.

I added lots of paper paste
And then some cinnamon to taste,
And boy did it taste pudding good,
The way a homemade pudding should!

But it seemed a whole lot incomplete,
And needed something rather clever -
A secret mystery special thing
That I've wanted since forever!

But what it was I did not know,
And where it was I had no clue.
Was it dazzling from head to toe?
Was it old or was it new?

That's when Genius tapped me in the brain,
And, oh it was a pleasure
To search the house from roof to floor
Until I found my treasure.

A nifty, sparkly, gooey thing
I'd never seen before
Had scrunched up tight against the wall
Behind the kitchen door.

So I peeled it off and mixed it in,
And it was tastier than sin!
Ripe and thick and swirly fine
This freckled flickle pie of mine!

It was smooth as any chocolate bar-
Sharper than a shooting star,
Sweeter than a butter cake,
And thicker than a pumpkin shake!

It was fizzy as a soda pop,
And quicker than a spinning top.
Sticky as a spiders toe
And cold as January snow!

And that's my story, truly told,
By one who's only ten years old!
Just old enough to make a pudding pie
Out of a freckled flicklefly.

Copyright © MMXII Richard D. Remler

**A Children's Tale**

The Great Flicklefly Pudding Pie
Tuesday, April 16, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: growing up,humorous,childhood ,experience,family life
"I am who I am.I'm weird.I run into things.
I spill food.I trip.I laugh about random and
stupid stuff.But I like it that way."

Sandra Black 17 April 2019

Remarkable poem Richard. I couldn't stop licking my chops in glee🤓

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Jennifer Birchall 17 April 2019

Brilliant, I loved this very much, great poem.

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