The Greatest Love! Poem by Alouwou Mandjah

The Greatest Love!

For a long time I have been in love
I lived by and nurtured by love.
At the crossroad of my adolescence
I tasted it and praised its moniker
now I obey and follow its foot steps.
I have seen all shades of love
I heard about all kind of love
I must confess I am still learning.
I continue my quest for love
for love I invest my heart and soul
and express delight for years to come.
But, not long ago unfortunately
I lost and mourned my first love
the love that I cherish all my life
the love that redefines beauty
the love that inspires faith
the love that radiates hope
the love blended with joy, sorrow
compassion, mercy and tenderness.
Yes I miss my first love, my Queen
my heart shattered
I lost my sweet Motherlove
right before her remuneration
she was gone, gone too soon.
I left empty, I still feel the burden,
Love, you will not be soon forgotten
my heart holds the memories
I sense you're crawling under my skin.
As time goes by, I learn the process
of healing and coping with the inevitable.
All my existence, I have been in love
in love with my significant other
I spread the love as a father
and I am in love with myself.
Love has been my sanctuary
love has been my saving grace.
But after all I realize
among all shades and kind of love
the best of all
the one that propels me
the one bigger than the Universe
the unconditional and everlasting one
the Greatest of all remains
the love of God Almighty

© Alouwou Mandjah

The Greatest Love!
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