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I am not stingy using
Love, you know that
I wanted the best for us

Kobe, words can't describe that surprising moment
On Calabasas' foggy sky it was chaos and torment
Bryant, the world swallow that sad news in tears
Endless grief and memories among your peers

Aretha, natural Woman, Angel we've heard on high
Rock steady, unforgettable powerful voice
Every girls sweet passion, It's so heartbreaking
Tears on my pillow, O La Diva, sweet Inspiration

I am the symbiosis of Mom and Dad
I confine anyone inquiring my book
Blessed I am under the Almighty clad
Who are you to chastise his look?


Oftentimes they ask me
why do I love you?

My Haiku
Since I remember
You've always been in my heart
Now and forever

After the Earthquake struck Haiti, Pat Robertson
an American pastor made an offensive assertion
that "Haiti signed a pact with the devil"
shame on you Pat, you've reached the medieval level.


Up to the challenge
For nothing is easy
I do know my range
To succeed? I am ready


Serena, my favorite female tennis player
Every contest, just await the best from her

Never settle for less
but for more love
in righteousness
and modesty

Don't get stuck in there
life is bigger and better
think outside the box

Haiku Style!

While you were away
Honey, I craved for your love


Curvaceous woman

Glory to the Lord
for the air we breathe
the daily blessings
the endless hope

Deep in my mother's womb
I did not know then
I did not know when
the world welcomed me


Every day
a step closer
to the remainder
every day

Souvent on me demande
pourquoi est ce que je t'aime?
pourquoi malgré l' interligne
cette connivence solidifie?

Yeah! it's another day
another sunrise
towards another sunset
another page, another chapter

A five years old boy
said to his classmate ' I love you'
after class
the little girl told her mom about it

Don't hate the truth
hate the liar
Don't hate life
hate the slayer

The Best Poem Of Alouwou Mandjah


I am not stingy using
Love, you know that
I wanted the best for us
I praised for your happiness
please don't take it
I never take it for granted
I valued every second
as if each day was our last
Yes I cherished
that lovely journey
I miss your smile
I love your style
I shared your pain....
I wanted to climb with you
through highs and low
till our winter life
I did my best to keep you
I thought we were cool
but it wasn't enough
and I couldn't presage
you just clocked out
I remember and
I will remember
these fun and sugary moments
these bitter sweet old days
I won't ever get back
Sweetie, I will carry you
in my HEART
even six feet under

© Herold A. Pierre
aka Alouwou Mandjah

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Denise 20 March 2019

I LOVE your work it speaks Volumes, continue to make magic. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

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Latoya 20 March 2019

I love this poem, It speaks LIFE, I absolutely love your work.

5 0 Reply
Merlens Coutard 13 March 2018

Glory, glory, glory. Amen! Thanks Herold

6 0 Reply
Shametra Harris 13 March 2018

Amen, Amen, Amen! Truth was told

6 0 Reply
Shametra 12 March 2018

Herold u already know I told u many times u are very talented, may God continue to use u and bless u to be a blessing and inspiration to others

6 0 Reply

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