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The High Chair - Poem by Jerry Behr Number 2

In the morning after breakfast,
I mount my high chair,
it is as high as the furthest
adjustments will allow.

So that I can dangle my legs
down, just scraping the
carpet, which is of
great comfort for my bum hip.

In this position I can now
operate my computer,
and write poetry.The computer
allows me my greatest freedoms.

In this environment
I'm a psychological superman
with a mind that alternates
all over the place.

Between fantasy and daydreams,
to brutal realities,
flying into canyons
of political, and social themes.

I'm nonchalant
about the literary world,
I fly around in my
mind doing my own thing.

I can withstand the rigors
of great isolation,
loneliness does
not bother me.

As strong as I am
with my superpowers
I do have a fear—
'The Big Mumma Effect'

What's that you ask?
Its called role reversals,
which my wife sometimes
expects me to do.

Household chores for
me is the equivalent
of shifting rocks
of kryptonite.

It does not take long
before my hip goes
from under me, and I'm
hit with crippling pain.

Due to the pain
my mind does
not work so well anymore,
I'm limping all over the place.

I must get away from the
Kryptonite chores and back
into my environment
where I'm at my strongest.

Concerning the literary world
I don't care much for
otherwise known as rhythm and rhyme.

Nor do I care much for
'Professor Poets'
because they think just because
they have B.B.D's in front of their name.

The B.B.D's think they are poets,
however, the real poets
are outside in real life
wanting to be a part of society.

Have a great thirst and
need to communicate
with society, and
express their souls.

The other thing I fear is
'The Carty Effect'
It's carting people everywhere,
driving my car.

I hate Kryptonite
it really buggers me,
driving all over the place,
must get back to my environment.

I must have my high chair
so that I can dangle my legs
down, just scraping the carpet
which is a great comfort for my bum hip.©
* * * * * * * * * 24/5/2006

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