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The Hills Have Eyes - Poem by Sunny Sarraf

I am on my bed and I hear a sound.
It has come from far, maybe from the ground.
I sit up—scared- thinking what to do.
It is cold, but I climb down and put on my shoe.

I open the door and climb down the stairs.
I hear the windows rattle, it scares my all layers.
My moment stops, my heart beats rapidly.
Though I am coward, I want to know the reality.

I hear the sound again, I have decided to find the source.
My body is sweating, sweat oozing out from all my pores.
Everything is quiet again, now it's just my feet banging the wooden floor.
Something catch my ears! Oh! It's judt s dog's snore.

Now I am out of my home, it's very cold.
The full moon is shining brightly and the stars are bold.
Ah! I hear it again, it has come from miles away.
The hills have eyes! They are staring in my way.

I look at the hills carefully, I see huge bulgy eyes.
Suddenly there is a noise, it's a hyna's cries.
I am stiff, I need aide, but I am all alone.
I am walking toward the hills, my home has long back gone.

I can sense the evil, but there is a redemptiveness inside me.
What! I can see the hills blinking, looking at me.
Is this a hallucination, or is it real?
My vision gets blurred and my fear- - I can not conceal.

The trees around me have vanished, there's only grass.
The wind blows harder and it sounds like a rhythmic bass.
The hills have eyes, and I can not believe it.
There is no source of light now, nothing to light.

I look up at the sky, it has turned pitch black.
This is the sign of demon; I take a step back.
There are thousands of questions in my mind, and I am bewidered.
I can see the demon now, this is totally absurd.

He is walking so perfectly, approaching me.
Hey! Wait! Where am I? This is not meant to be.
Now he is at an inch apart from my position.
He is reading my mind, now he is showing some projection.

I can see death, then what? That is me in the woods.
There are many devils around me, taking off their hoods.
The hills have eyes, I remember them, everything vanishes.
Oh my holy spirit, where am I? I get up and my body shakes.

It was just a dream, but a rare one.
It was so haunting, a bare one.
I am relieved that it was just an imagination.
The hills have eyes! I can not forget them, they are my salvation.

Topic(s) of this poem: dream, eyes, fantasy, horror

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