Gokul Saravanan

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The Innocent Soul.. - Poem by Gokul Saravanan

I jz wish,
I knew wat to wish,
For i had everything,
But still i miss something,

I lurk in the darkness,
Or is it the darkness that,
lurks in me,
i have a blak heart,
Or is it i 'HAD'...
Am bloodless,
Or am i flooded
in d blood of d innocent...

Wat hav i done wrong?
Or is it this song?
For wat hav i been waitin all along?
Or has it never been long?

I know am alive,
or am i a soul?
Wat did i derive?
For someone to console?

Am i blind?
Or there is nothing?
Is this real?
Or is this a dream?
I dont feel,
I cant scream...! ?
Am i dum?
Or am i speechless?

Am i deaf?
Or there is no sound?
Or is this d sound of silence?

I cant feel,
wat am standing on..
Or am i sitting?
Or am i lying?
Or am i flying?
Wat is this?

It says my name,
And there's a date,
Is this a game?
An old woman cries 'its fate',
I wanna cry,
But no tears,
Wat is happening...?

I see my friends,
Are they real?
Or is it me,
Who is fake?
Leaves are rustling,
But i dont feel d wind..
Is it a remebering?
Cant see a thing,
Its winter....

But the sun is up,
I feel so cold,
I see a cup,
Out of gold,
It holds flowers,
I cant touch,
Silence showers,
Its too much...

Something behind,
Wat is it?
Its a light,
And its speaking,
'are u ready to leave? '
Where i ask,
'where u belong'
Where is it?
'where u've alwayz longed...'

Dude wats wid u?
'it is u'
U r scaring me! ?
'Am i? or is it u? '
Wat r u talkin about?
'ur death'
Seriously u got me dude!
'Yes i've come to get u...'

Wat the hell do u mean by that?
'Yes thats where we r going'
Nice try!
'No u haven't'
Someone help this man!
'they cant hear u'
And y is that?
'u r dead'

And how am i able to talk to u? '
'I am d grave-reaper'
Nice costume, but i aint fallin!
'U already did thats y am here'
Ahaa... like i wud believe that! ?

'U have no choice'
No thats not true!
'Come wid me, u dont belong here'
R u from customs? I have a passport!
'Haha... u make me laugh'

Am grave serious dude!
'Yes u were grave serious'
Is that supposed to scare me?
'there is nothing to fear'
Thnx but am busy!
'Wat u gonna do? '
Clean up my mess
'its all underneath! '

Wat? ? ?
'look down there'
A grave...
'thats your mess! '
Its me....
'Yes indeed! '

D soul dies....

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