Justin Reamer

Freshman - 967 Points (2 October 1993 / Holland, Michigan)

The Intellect - Poem by Justin Reamer

You, my friend, are the inspiration
To all those who look at you;
You are the man who knows human character
Above all else;
Who knows how people will react
When you convey your message,
You know what people are thinking
And how they will interact with each other,
And how they will respond to the stimuli in the community;
You are superior to the average drone in society.

You are the Intellect,
The wielder of knowledge,
Among the people who seek to pursue knowledge
In order to know the ways of the world.
You have done that,
For you have risen above ignorance,
And have engaged in your knowledge pursuit,
And you have dropped your ignorance,
And have learned the ways of the world,
Which is your greatest weapon.

You know philosophy,
Which allows you to explain the unexplainable,
The mysteries of life,
Which are hard to explain,
And allows you to think 'outside the box';

You know mathematics,
Which allows you to calculate
The equations known to man,
Such as Einstein's E=mc2,
Or Newton's Laws of Physics,
And you can provide evidence
To prove or disprove them;

You know science,
Which allows you to explain the world around you,
And to examine and reexamine them;
You know biology,
Which helps you explain how life works in
The environment through ecology,
Animals through zoology,
Plants through botany,
The human body through anatomy and physiology,
And so on;
You know chemistry which allows you to explain chemicals
And how they react with one another;
You know physics which helps you explain the motions of the world,
And the way forces interact with each other,

You know history,
Which helps you explain the past,
And helps you shape the present,
So that history does not repeat itself,

But, most importantly, you also know literature,
Which contains all the wisdom in the world;
You are able to think for yourself,
And are able to make sound decisions
With your good judgement as you have read
The works of sagacious authors
Such as Leo Tolstoy
And Charles Dickens,
And Fyodor Dostoevsky,
And Victor Hugo
And Alexandre Dumas,
And wise poets such as Homer,
Robert Frost,
A.E. Housman,
Emily Dickinson,
Geoffrey Chaucer,
And John Milton,
And the wise and famed playwright and dramatist,
William Shakespeare, the famous Bard.
They have all taught you good judgement,
And have taught you many skills you use today,
To direct society to its glory.

You, my friend,
Are the inspiration,
For you will become a great writer,
And you never conform to society,
Who sometimes goes against you in your cause,
And you support your followers,
Who believe in you,
And you are above the ignorance and believe in true human potential,
For society hinders the true human potential.

My friend, you are a leader,
You are the intellect
Everyone looks up to,
Everyone admires for your sagacity;
You lead them in the right way,
And you help them in whatever way you can.

You guide the people who believe in you,
You believe in the true potential of all your constituents;
You are humanistic in every way,
Your ethics go beyond bounds,
Politicians and government leaders turn to you for your advice,
For you think things through before you make your decision,
So that it is not rash or reckless.

You are the Intellect, my friend,
And you have many resources at your hand,
Your careful thought helps all people in society,
And you believe that all people have potential.
You have the ability to guide society,
And to guide the nation in the right direction.
Your sagacity is beyond bounds,
For you know what to expect,
For you are the Intellect.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This is a tribute to one of my good friends who aspires to be a good leader one day. He has great leadership, sagacity, and a thoughtful mind. He considers all others before himself, and I wanted to write something for him. This is his tribute. Lead the way, my friend.

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