The Lake That Lies Inside Me Poem by Zak Pearce

The Lake That Lies Inside Me

In the bleak deep frozen black
I tread across the icy lake
‘neath my toes you hear it crack
And just go wait for it to break

As hard as brittle battered bones
And cold as your dead heart
The ice beneath my feet it groans
I must soon cross, or never start

The stars above stare down on me
Old, untold, unforgiving
The moon lights up all I see
All is not dead, but not quite living.

And you stare on from the bitter bank
As I teeter on the freezing brink
You’ll wait till I’ve all sank
Before your glassy eyes will blink.

And the shattered shards of icicles
Climb up all around me
Jail-bars for my frozen jail pools
Now I’m never free.

All around upon the ground
Lie the broken wrecks of bloodied dreams
I walk o’er the ice, hear the sound
As the lake quick breaks and screams

Quickfinger, limber, snip-snapping
The cracks grow forever wide
The icy dead lead heavy water’s lapping
And I’m all winter deep inside.

My heart is broken like an icy lake
That thawed when spring comes round
But there’s no summer to finally break
The ice that lies upon the ground.

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