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The Last Supper - Poem by VaishakSeetharam Dattani

Far away in the hilltops of east, from where starts day and breeze
It was always a land of feast where dewdrops and mist lived apeace
There were just a very few to breathe along with our lad candle
With positive hopes who lived at this incredible mountain called as le sandal

Lush greenery in the west, this was always spoken by the whole globe
Posed like a queen for an artist to sketch the true stunning beauty
She was called cherish, filled with people who knew the art of love
Ruled following democracy by the exuberant young, king of kings named as champagne

Candle baked bread, made wine to cross her teenage and became a lady
Champagne fought the best ever battles of anno domini to become an adult
Good friends they were at the start, so decided everlastingly to be together
Hence tied the nuptial knot and rowed together the boat of the past

Pendulum rang twelve, a thousand times there after, time flew with high velocity
With one single heart and one single soul their joy knew no bounds
Holding her hips he showed her the farthest star in the darkest sky
Which was the brightest one that he promised for his love, his life?

It's not question, but fact, how long'll deux look into eyes & stand? -
"No" was voiceless at this shivery bleak weather in the palace of lure
So for them to experience, magic of warmth they were in one blanket
As promised by King she was shown the stars, taking her to moon

Touring Paradise, her dream came true by repeating previous phrases again and again
Candle gave him the priceless gift, the present to present her the honeymoon
Locking their lips, hugging at their wish they sipped the tulip of champagne
Beneath the low lit candle, perfection of romance like the names of cherish

All kites that touched horizon has touched the shrubs one day or other
All the blossomed red roses had faded and fallen lastly to the soil
Even the plumy apple had reached the ground to teach us universal law
But Gravitation is not responsible for one falling in love, though everything else

Seeing the love of young Bloods, the Adam and Eve of living decade
Goddess whispered in couple's ears to understand the transition that happened in years
Invite for dinner at heaven on fullmoon day after eleven stars, up there
Munch the courses, With all you want in the granite table close away

Leaving everything they waited for the Dragon Bird, their flight to the Paradise
Waited all way just for them to make their spirits mate and fascinate
Ready as told were the dishes, all those spicy and sour ones parfait
Only the dessert was she requested to bake for all angels to taste

With Sharpened diamond ring, waist string and emerald anklet she looked real princess
They had it up to their fill in the pond of roman perfume
Without Belladonna her pupils expanded, her flesh Blushed and she rised to crescendo
Leaving behind the priceless wounds in his, arms, feet and maw avec pleasure

He forgot one thing, the ancestral past and ate the bright red apple
Which made him pale and tell candle that he'd to stay here always?
The dessert she made tasted bitter because of the tears that she mixed
The tale of recent past she remembered to confirm she's expecting, to champagne

She wanted to be in heaven, residence of king, by taking her life
But God had to make her understand the reason why is she born
Tick by Tick the waiting of our candle did conclude all nine months
And the day before Christmas she fell in the stable of raw grasses

Sheep's and Goats with horses and cows, heard her helpless cry in rain
With thunder and lightning night showed her its true face, dream to nightmare
Born on Christmas Eve was this kid with cuts on arms and feet
She wondered was it champagne's rebirth or someone who had wounds at death

13 / April / 2012

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