Vinod Vijayakumar

The Laughter - Poem by Vinod Vijayakumar

As a lightning amidst the clouds,
that lightens even the darkest night,
does the laughter sounding so loud,
to the surroundings so very bright.

The sonance of the laughter is,
something that can never surfeit.
give me more of laughter, oh god,
that makes me and place very sweet.

Oh mighty, too high in honor,
has given a tressure unconspicious.
I shall call that sense of humor,
and use it liberally though precious.

As does the water in many a field,
does the laughter a drug to all disease.
To numb the pain out, like a shield
and makes so fresh as an evening breeze.

Like a dropp to quench for the thirsty throat,
and a cool gentle breeze in the sun so hot
does laughter the magic in the sadness caught
mind and soul and heart in deepest thought.

The light of a candle shall not blow out,
by however intense be the darkness poured.
The laughter will heal, where it breaks out,
even the sadest heart that is deeply gored.

Adding fragrance to the petals of a flower
is to make a happy person laugh. But the true power
of laughter is to bring to the face a grin
of the one that feels sad and lower.

Laughter is one that gives a shoulder to hug
while a lot others turn their back and shrug
to the heart down, heavy, blue and tight
like the warmth of a log fire in a freezing night.

Want to find ways to god? laugh without any block
thats one way, towards you, shall people flock.
spreading laughter and smiles shall, in thine
soul, bring in a quality enormously divine.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, May 18, 2008

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