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The Laws Of God - Poem by selvin mcrae

The Laws of God
Written by Selvin ‘Ewan’ McRae

Life without laws imagine it
Yet the ones God gave us we overlook it
He has created this world with five laws
Yet some say with him, they were nailed to the cross
He warned us, if one of his words shall pass
Then so be it, heaven and earth will pass

He spoke sincerely from his heart
Laying down his laws
With an intention to give us a second chance
Yet we overlook them, without taking a glance
He spoke of kings; the earthly rulers
Maker of the laws of their land
In these days its’ presidents and prime ministers
Maintaining the civil law of man

Then there is the one about our bodies
The things we feed our brain or what we eat
Remember the body is the temple
So our health, with care we should handle
Love your neighbors
And have no other God, but Jehovah
The father instilled in us high morals
Yet most of us are anti-social

Man; find a woman for your wife
Omitting adultery and fornication
We should only make love to the opposite sex
The ceremonial law takes effect
Then there is the natural law
Upholding the laws of nature
Yet because of sin the laws have broken
Leaving us disasters and un-controllable animals roaming

The laws of God are here to stay
Thank God we still can pray
From the dust we came, from the clay

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, December 2, 2009

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