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The Little Butterfly - Poem by Miss B..

there once was a butterfly who was born in the light
the brightness touched its wings every single day
then one day the bitterfly was trapped by a mischievious child under a jar
the child decided to move the jar into a dark and cold corner of his basement
the child thought the butterfly was really beautiful
he really liked the color of its wings and he decided he would keep it forever
each morning the child would go down to the dark corner to visit the butterfly
he would look throught the clear glass of the jar and say,
'you are so beautiful. the colors of you are amazing'
some time passed and the child got a little bored with his butterfly
so he went outside and played with other bugs
leaving his butterfly down in the dark and cold corner of his basement
forgotten and alone
one day he remembered he had left it down there so he ran down the stairs to see it.
when he bent down to look at it he noticed something quite odd
the wings of the butterfly had lost their color.
'my my. you're not so beautiful anymore. look at the ugly colorless wings you have'
so he let the butterfly go. she flew so fast she almost thought her wings would fall off
she found an open window and escaped
letting the bright rays of the sun dance on her wings again
slowly the color returned.
the sun looked down and smiled at her
'i always knew you were still beautiful my dear, ' said the sun
'but even the most colorful creatures on this earth need a little light in order to keep their colors bright'

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Poem Submitted: Monday, May 10, 2010

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