Sugar Bear

The Living Dead - Poem by Sugar Bear

In an old house
In an old tale
Lived no mother nor spouse
Just a single girl

She would never talk
Nor come outside and play
If you'd join her on a walk
She'd only walk away

She would never show her face
Or let a smile show
Her eyes, full of hate
Her hands, So cold

Her hair swept her feet
Her nails scraped her legs
Her skin white and bleaque
Her age -dead

No one could speak of her
Cause she could hear their every word
With one whisper of her discover
She'd kill ALL who heard

For many, many years
Inside that old house
She would cry a million tears
To be let out

No one could understand
Why she just won't leave?
Till one day came a man
Silence as the breeze

She only would ignore
And play with her spoons
Slammin windows and doors
With her mind they presumed

Unlike the many others
He did not run away
He prayed for her recover
And prayed. As he stayed.

She would only torment him
Sending indescribable things to sight
Frightening to her as to them
She would still spare his life

Almost killed everyday
The man would still show
And he would pray, and pray
Until he felt it let go

The house went to silence
The birds could sing
The shadows went to hidence
And the girl beautied

For years she lived with him
But never once aged a day
He, her father figured friend
Helped her escape

Till one day in the night
The shadows reapeared
The birds ran of fright
And the girl's true self became clear

Just like the others
The man passed away
In the same house she suffered
To once again escape

Now comes another million years
Added to her shame
Another million tears
And bodys to her grave

But why does she do it?
We shall never know
Why the little girl lives
A past she can't let go

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Poem Submitted: Monday, April 17, 2006

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