Sugar Bear

Sugar Bear Poems

1. Forever 2/20/2006
2. I'Ll Miss You 2/20/2006
3. I Thought 2/20/2006
4. This Irritates Me 2/20/2006
5. You Ugly 2/21/2006
6. To You 2/20/2006
7. I Wanted To Know You 3/5/2006
8. What Happens? 3/6/2006
9. What You Put Me Through 3/6/2006
10. Fever 3/7/2006
11. What Keeps Them Close? 3/7/2006
12. 'It's Not Your Fault' 3/8/2006
13. Feel It For Yourself 3/9/2006
14. I'Ll Be Your Hero 3/9/2006
15. Party 3/10/2006
16. What Did I Tell? 3/20/2006
17. I Don'T Wanna Hear It 3/23/2006
18. Issues 3/24/2006
19. I Want My Dish 3/24/2006
20. Infection 3/9/2006
21. Nyquil 3/10/2006
22. Stupid Lil' Kids 3/28/2006
23. Our Brother Died. 3/28/2006
24. Honest Mistake 3/31/2006
25. Draining Me Dry 4/1/2006
26. Just One Of Those Days 9/16/2006
27. I Can'T Spell 4/13/2006
28. The Living Dead 4/17/2006
29. The Doll 4/17/2006
30. Just Be You 4/24/2006
31. Letting Go 5/12/2006
32. Leaving Me In Such A Rush 5/20/2006
33. I Don'T Want To.. 6/9/2006
34. Let It Through My Head 6/24/2006
35. I Wish... 7/15/2006
36. I Wanted To Be Like Her 7/16/2006
37. So Real 7/17/2006
38. So This Past I'Ll Forget 11/5/2006
39. My Dream Come True 11/25/2006
40. Let You Go 12/10/2006
Best Poem of Sugar Bear

Fake People!

You tell them the truth
You let your secrets fall right through
You accept them in your pack
Then you mistake they’ve got your back
Oh, you know we all do it too
Misjudge them as “cool”
Somebody you think you should talk to
About your problems
About that controlling boyfriend
You think they’re true
Until they turn on you

Fake people, manikins everywhere
See your secrets filling in the air, they stare
They glare, they all look at you
You want to run away to the place you feel you can be real
Past them, ignore their eyes
Their looks of thrill ...

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In The Way

In the begining you couldn't stand us alone
I was forever on his mind, as he was on my own
You enjoyed our lives together, happy for he and I
Taxied us where ever, and hated our goodbyes
Now that I have joined, you're second hand
For he would choose his girl, before a friend
Unexcepting our mighty love, you shatter at our sight
Unable to forgive for our attenchions are in flight
The jealousy you contain and expose through every visit

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