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The Lone Valkyrie - Poem by nero tepes

the lone Valkyrie
as a spear lays
chipped and rusty
as it rains this night
on a forgotten Valkyries grave
with each drop that falls down
the sword never leaves it spot
sturdy like the ones beneath it heart
as a little boy sits down admiring it
the spirit of a armored maiden appears
the spirit tells him her name is Isabella
he replies by saying his name is Adam
on this night he listens to any of her tales
as the first one starts his his shine like stars
the first one starts on a silver grass meadow
where she first tasted battle surprised at the sight
as blades clashed and blood stained the roses
with weak knees she stood up and grabbed the spear
as it plunged in she didnt feel fear but her blood rushing
nearby a valkyrie was passing by to her surprised
six bandits lay dead around a little girl no less then seven
covered in their blood not knowing how to react
but she didnt let go off the spear gripping it like her own heart
so she asked the women her name with just a smile
the answer she got is my name is Joan and after that day
she traveled and train along side Joan in till she was ready
to go on her on but not soon after that day a tragedy struck
she would die in the next battle she fought and she knew it
but Isabella fought it and tuck down everyone around her
and the villagers she saved that night dug this grave
as Adam saw them putting flowers on it each night
to respect the Valkyrie that protected them so long ago
Adam made his house right next to Isabella's grave
so that she could have a friend to talk to each day
and this is where this story but a legend goes
that when he passed away Adam and Isabella passed on
where they spend their lives together in peace

Topic(s) of this poem: ghost

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, January 24, 2016

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