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Shattered Sanity - Poem by nero tepes

as a violin plays ghosts arise around
within the morning mist crows lay in waiting
around a silver tree as a boy sits silent scared and afraid
as a ghostly violin plays tears trickle down his cheek
as his smile fades away he looks up at the stars
wondering if any are for him if he is just alone now
other then the crows around as his tears stop falling
his sanity slowly fly's away like the wings of a raven
as dark as the midnight sky no where to be found
within his broken eyes lays a million tears
as the violin stops playing he sees dead bodies around
covered in scarlet blood he shatters at the sight
as insanity grasp his soul he starts to laugh at the sight
while he sees a blood soaked blade he holds it to the moon
with a twisted smile on his face his laugh echos within the valley
as the violet moons light shines the crows fly away one by one
just like that boys tears and sanity within crimson flames
he burns turning to ashes like the rest the last thing to be heard
that night was the twisted laugh of a shattered boy
that ended his life that night when he shattered
the sight and set the forest ablaze in crimson fire
they say you can still hear his twisted laugh
even his scared screams as tears trickle down
the very moment his sanity shattered the story ended
as the violin plays one last time as the mist fades
a story goes you can see a ghost with a twisted smile
some think he just takes a form of a boy each time
but if the story is true he stays their waiting for the crows
as he laughs his twisted laugh with tears slowly falling down

Topic(s) of this poem: insanity

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, January 19, 2016

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