samantha hauck

The Lonely Girl With The Broken Heart - Poem by samantha hauck

She sat in the same corner by the window waiting for her true love to sweep her up off her feet. That same lonely girl sits by herself with a broken heart. She never had friends. No one came to visit her; no one called her to see that she was okay or if she wanted to hang out. No one asked about her. Only family that hoped and prayed everyday that she was dead. Everyone called her names and threw papers at her when she walked. But she ran to that same corner. The only dark and lonely corner that makes her feels safe. The only dark and lonely corner that no one could see her cry. She never away from that dark little corner that she called ‘'home''. She lives a fairytale life. The scares on her body remind her of the past. Her broken heart bleeds from all the times that everyone has hurt her before and will not stop until she is dead. She carries hate, death, abuse, and neglect everywhere she goes. Her mom is always letting grown men walk in her room and abuse her. She tells her mom that she is pregnant, but her mom dose not listens. She goes tells her boyfriend, which is her cousin, who says he loves her. She tells him that she's pregnant and it's his. Her boyfriend says she's a hoe. Nine months later, she is dancing at prom. Then suddenly she felt the urge to go to the bathroom. She got so scared that she didn't know what to do, say or think. So she throws him in the cold, cold dumpster, where he is lefted to die. Fir seven years her mom has been trying so hard to kill her because she killed the baby. She cries to her dad; begging him not to leave. Her dad just came back a week ago from jail and her mom and dad have been fighting ever since then. She tells him that she loves him and doesn't want him to go. He just looks at her and laughs. He says ‘'Your pitiful! '', and she watches as her dad walks out the door. She wants to scream and yell for her dad to come back, but she knows that it's not going to make him come back… not ever. She starts to go to her mom's room. She wants to scream and yell as loud as she can at her for why her dad left. She reaches her mom's room. She opens the door to find that her mom is dead because she was doing drugs… again. She waits and waits at her window in the same dark corner every night. To find what... that her dad has walked out and will never come back and her mom is dead because she was doing drugs… again! She goes to the same dark, black corner every night hoping to find what is always wanted; someone to take her away and love her for who she is and not make change no matter what. But no one is ever there to take her away. She sings a beautiful song to try to forget about the past. She try's to smile, to laugh, but when she dose she feels pain. Horrible breath taking pain. Pain comes in her body and in her mind. A deep voice saying, ‘'you'll never make it no matter how hard you try.'' But she looks up to the one and only... God and says, ‘'Lord, if you are up there, can you hear my cries at night and please help me thru this hell life of mine? '' Years pass by and nothing changes. She gets more broken hearts and scares. Now she is 25. Her life has changed. She's famous; a model. An angel from heaven. All thinks to the man above. She looks up and says, ‘'Thank you, Lord for not giving up on me when I gave up on myself many times and so has many other people who gave up on me.'' Her heart was broken a long time ago from so much pain. She was afraid to love someone and now she can't stop loving the one she loves forever. Now she forgot about her past. She is living her dream life. She prays every night thanking the Lord saying, ‘'Thank you Lord, for changing my life.''

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Poem Submitted: Friday, April 20, 2012

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