The Lonely Half Poem by Krystal Galvis

The Lonely Half

Rating: 5.0

Sometimes i wish
I could I hide
the lonely half in me

All you can see
Is pain and suffering
Crouched in a little corner
Hiding my face between my legs

Nobody can help me
I can't fix myself
Nobody knows the real me

I put on this false act
And when you call my name
My frown turns into a smile
While I am dying insde

All I ever wanted was
A boy to accepted me who i am
Just like me.....for me
Not just personality, but apperance too!
But no boy will look at me.....
The way I imagine

I hate the boy who broke my heart
Look what he did to me
You broke my heart
You left me no feeling inside

You left me
Hurt, angry, and bitter
And because of you
My lonely half is revealed

... Lynch 26 July 2007

I don't think guys realize the effect they have on us... You expressed yourself beautifully. Keep writing. -Kylie M. Lynch

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David Barlow 20 July 2007

There are many ups and downs in life Columbia and that is the way we learn. Keep an open mind but learn the lessons. I like yur Poem thank you for sharing it and keep on writing. Kind regards, David

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