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Hola! I'm 20 years old and have been on this since for 4 years. I write stories on and i'm known as DisneyRBD. I'm a shy person. I give advice to my friends. I love to play sports especailly swimming and water polo. I wish to become a writer.

Krystal Galvis Poems

Angel Of Darkness

The Angel sits and writes
Writing out how she feels
Tears stream down her face
No one knows why

The Sun

The sun is yellow
The sun is orange
The sun is bright
The sun is our heater

I Know Who I Am

You can say I'm shy
I don't care
You can say I'm mean
I don't care


What is a photograph?
It's an image frozen in time
But yet, captured forever
A photograph can capture things


I call your name
Nothing but slience
I call you out again

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