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The Angel sits and writes
Writing out how she feels
Tears stream down her face
No one knows why

The sun is yellow
The sun is orange
The sun is bright
The sun is our heater

What is a photograph?
It's an image frozen in time
But yet, captured forever
A photograph can capture things

You can say I'm shy
I don't care
You can say I'm mean
I don't care

I call your name
Nothing but slience
I call you out again

Love is something that breaks people up
Love is an arguement
Love is cheap
What is Love?

She stared out at the sun
The sunlight burned her face so she turned away
A tear escaped and rolled down her cheek
She snarled at herself, how could she be so weak?

Sometimes i wish
I could I hide
the lonely half in me


The moon was shining over a town
It was pure quiet
Until the moon heard a giggle in the park


The beautiful sea
Crashing waves against the rocks
Shimmering water
Sea creatures roam the water

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Within my heart is love
Within my mind is you


School is a daily routine for everyone
We wake up at six in the morning
Making a fuss
But we still get up out of bed

You complain all about the girls you meet
Wishing one would make your heart beat
You hope for a princess
That is beautiful and intelligent and unqiue

Do you enjoy my pain?
Do you enjoy ruining my life?
Why do you hate me so much?

The coyote walks in the waterfall
While I swam in the water
Feeling calm and happy
Swimming like a dolphin


Dim, light
Shines, fades, reflects
Romantic, ambitious, joy

It's a book.
Just pages and pages
And more pages
Of me. Of my life.

Laughter is music
Happiness is the sun's warmth.
Rebellion is overrated.
Bliss is surreal.


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Hola! I'm 20 years old and have been on this since for 4 years. I write stories on and i'm known as DisneyRBD. I'm a shy person. I give advice to my friends. I love to play sports especailly swimming and water polo. I wish to become a writer.)

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Angel Of Darkness

The Angel sits and writes
Writing out how she feels
Tears stream down her face
No one knows why
No one can see a dark, lonely angel
But a white, crystal angel

As the angel writes out her words,
No one can see her world
Her world of sorrow and pain
Blood is on the paper
Her dark soul can be seen

You can see her world
Full of ashes; nothing that can grow
You can see the full moon
Reflecting on her pale face
The angel can scream
Without making any noise
The angel can cry,
Without shedding a tear
The angel can hurt,
Without feeling anything inside

Because my emotions
Now are here…..

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Krystal Galvis Popularity

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