The Lost Paradise Poem by Ghazala Lari

The Lost Paradise

To each their journey,
A unique odyssey of the soul,
Where dreams and desires intertwine,
And destinies unfold.

Each one follows their own heart,
Guided by an inner compass,
Seeking purpose and fulfillment,
In a world that can be relentless.

The destination remains unclear,
Success or destruction, only time will tell,
For some, it's wealth and power they seek,
While others yearn for a heavenly dwelling spell.

In this world or the hereafter,
We make choices that shape our fate,
Navigating the twists and turns,
Determining our own destined state.

To each their own path,
Some choose a life of ease and comfort,
Indulging in the pleasures of the flesh,
Unmindful of the consequences they court.

Others embrace hardships and sorrows,
For a life free from the grip of sin,
Seeking solace in the depths of their souls,
A journey where righteousness begins.

For we are the architects of our own haven,
Crafting our existence, day by day,
On earth or in the realms beyond,
We create the life in which we stay.

So let us tread our chosen path,
With conviction, courage, and grace,
For it is in the journey we discover,
Our true selves and our destined place.

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