The Lunar Verse Poem by Amirmahdi Kariminejad

The Lunar Verse

O' my dearest glittering luna
O' you great luminous moon
You who are but a celestial
Sprinkling down all your gleam
On the ever-lasting surface
Of the sugary bedsheet of sea

Glowing as if there is no sun
The night knows that you're the queen
The sky, the sea, too, know you're the one
Who entangles them both within

As sweet as you would probably taste
Are you the famous forbidden fruit?
Perhaps this is the only reason
All look at you, and they will salute

But, then the Gods might enrage
Or even hold grudges against you,
Who were but just tender and soft
They will now decide what to do
All the sweetness will be torn apart
The light will be imbued with salt
Yet you're still all that everybody wants

The lonely ship has set his sail
Cruising in all the saline waters
The salt is rubbing in their pain
They are like lambs to the slaughter

O' my dearest glittering luna
O' you great luminous moon
Until you keep lighting the sea
The night, the sky and then everything
Then will the salt start to taste sweet
For you are the one and only moon
Gleam, glow, glitter and glare
Until it's night, morning, and noon

The Lunar Verse
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