The Lying Truth

I met him the first time and knew something was wrong

I met him the second time and knew there was nothing good

I heard his stories and knew he was a joke

Then I seen the bruises and I already knew

I asked you what happend you said where

when you seen the briuses you said

you got them from sleeping on the steering wheel

I knew in my heart you were lying to me

but i also know you wanted to tell me

I asked him about the brusies and you lead him into your lie

i sat across the table and watched the evil in his eyes

I told my dad something was not right

I knew you were scared of him and hid it well

but i knew better then what you were trying to tell everyone else

i hate that you lied and i hate that i knew

I wish i would have just stepped in and tore him through and through

I think you knew that i knew he was abusing you

and i hate that i let the lie you told stay true

the lying truth came out that night i was called

he finally put his hands on you for the last time

you were scared and i was mad i could of killed him

all i can think is if i told everyone the truth for you sake

it would not have gotten to the point it did with the brusies and shame

im glad your happy now but in the back of my mind

i still ask why didnt i say anything when i already knew

and you knew i already knew the lying truth.